The Current river Missouri


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Mar 9, 2005
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Friend Paul,

How bout the North Fork of the White River? Highroad 14 ta Norfolk Lake? Tom Kennon sez the scenery iz AA. It begins in the Mark Twain Nationalized Forest 'n iz under the Forest Service protection, therefore ya dont see folks 'n their mess all along it. Tom sez in summer ya likely ta see folks in inner tubes, but the water moves bout 4 miles ever hour. That iz my kinda river......good speed 'n not so much paddlin'. Highroad 14 ta Hammond Camp 5.1 miles, 2 hrs.; Hammond Camp ta Patrick Bridge 12.9 miles, 3.5 hrs.; Patrick Bridge ta Norfolk Lake 7.4 miles, 3 hrs.

Now dont git me wrong, I like ta paddle, jest ever now 'n then....not one stroke after anuther all day long. 8)

Tom sez the Jack's Fork frum The Prongs (where Highroad Y crosses) ta Highroad 17 'n from there down ta Rymer's Access are both top notch. The Prongs ta Buck Hollow (Highroad 17) 7.2 miles, 2.5 hrs.; Buck Hollow ta Rymer's Access 11.6 miles, 5.5 hrs. He sez the Current iz prettiest frum Akers Ferry to Round Spring. Akers Ferry ta Pulltite 10 miles, 5 hrs.; Pulltite ta Round Springs 9 miles, 4 hrs.

I never heard of Bryant Creek before, but Tom sez it is mitey nice frum Bell School Low Water Bridge (Highroad 95) ta Aid-Hodgon Mill. It iz so purty Euell Gibbons done a Grapenuts commercial there. 10.6 miles, 5 hrs.

paddlin' geezer canoe clud

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Oct 16, 2020
The St. Roberts/Dixon, Missouri area has some great rivers. The big piney river is great. If you float go on the devils elbow ride they are a great float trip location. You can park your RV using