Splinters and there Removel


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Splinters and there removal.

All of us get a splinter now and then when around home or worse yet ... when out camping.
Most folks try to get it with tweezers or in an emergency with the tip of a knife blade. Either can cause an infection because they are not sternal items , there is a simple and safe , non evasive , way to get that splinter out.

Everyone I know always has some Duct Tape around there house or with them when paddling and camping.

It is easy to do , rip off a piece of the Duct Tape and apply it over the splinter ( Make sure you know the direction the splinter entered your body part) Gently press the piece of tape down over the protruding portion of the splinter. Directly down or at a slight angle from the direction it entered , you don not want to push it deeper into you.

Starting at the end of the tape which is away from the end of the splinter rip off the tape in the opposite direction that the splinter entered your body part. The sticky part of the tape will adhere to the end of the splinter and when the tape is removed so is the splinter. :D