rib mounting question


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Should all three ribs on UJ pirogue be mounted at 90 degrees to the waterline, or should the two outter ribs be slanted inward 90 degrees to rocker?

It's a minor point since there's so little rocker on this boat. I'm just wondering how most folks do it. Most pics looks like they're all straight up and down.


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Sep 5, 2006
Hi Scooter,

Good question (and one I did not even consider). I just glued mine in straight upright.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
If you mount the ribs before you install the bottom the ribs should be mounted 90 degrees to the side boards.
When the bottom is installed they will be at a very slight angle , very slight one because of the degree of rocker in the boat. Or what looks like a slight angle.

The ribs are what determine the amount of rocker in the boat , it is the angle of the outside portion of the rib that does it. (The part that fits against the sideboards ).
If you look at them you will notice the center rib is square while the end ribs are at a slight angle on the side of them that touches the sideboards.

I mounted all of the ones I have used at 90 degrees to the side boards , then installed the bottom.