Printed Image under fiberglass


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May 13, 2014
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I have been slow answering the question about graphics under fiberglass, so they are part of the surface. An example would be the Ichthus Symbol I have put on several boats. The process is as easy as it is simple. Any image from an inkjet printer can be embedded. Text, photos, and internet images. There may be other materials that also work. I print the image on tissue paper, as from Dollar General for gift wrapping. The printer feed doesn’t like the thin paper, so I tape it to a sheet of computer paper. Nothing fancy, just cut to approximate size and tape to the top with scotch tape. Then trim the excess from around the image, again just approximate, the tissue will wet out and disappear.
Image on computer and Tissue paper


Joyce trimms close

Put the trimmed image where you want it and wet out under the cloth.

Another example

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