My first bent shaft paddle

Here's a few pics of my first bent shaft canoe paddle...I had done one or two straight shaft paddles before this, and actually found the bent shaft less overall work than straight shaft.

It's made completely out of cedar and weighs 18oz. I fiberglassed the blade and epoxied the whole thing. It's held up really well after a ton of beating on rocks and such in the BWCA.(You can see a few scratches, but that's it after quite a few trips...





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Oct 6, 2012
Been paddling with my homemade paddles and was wondering if a larger blade would make a big difference. I had some spare time on my hands and a brand new 6 by 48 inch sander I haven't used so I took a couple of day and put this together. One more coat of epoxy and then 3 coats of spar varnish and it's off to the river to try it out! :D