Man of War Rig

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Sep 4, 2006
Man of War Rig

My advance anchor for river rescue work which consist of a grapevine knot that creates an adjustable loop, a figure 8 knot single bight, and a tensionless coil. The system works best using 10 to 12 feet of 10mm kernmantle static line, and using a rope thimble snugged into the figure 8 loop.

Begin by mastering the grapevine first. Using any old practice line form two bights (should look like a long letter S), and tie the grapevines toward the center leaving two loops. Done right, the grapevines will be tight in the center with two adjustable loops.

To tie the Rig, wrap two to three coils around a solid tree no less then six inches in diameter. Eight to Ten is ideal. Form the remaining bight, tie the grapevines. With a little work snug up the coils, decreasing the loop until it is tight against the coils and locking them in toward the direction of pull.

To finish off, tie a figure 8 knot at the end of the larger loop, and snug in a rope thimble to reduce shearing forces as it becomes loaded. Clipping in a steel carabiner is the last step, and will allow the use of pulleys, ATC’s, Gri Gri’s, Trango Cinch, or a Petzl Stop.

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Aug 26, 2003
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