Golobki(Cabbage Rolls) "Untied"


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Aug 27, 2003
HI! This recipe is an old recipe from a friend of mine who visits his family in Poland every year for several months. They live on a farm outside a small village. Most people are familiar with "Cabbage Rolls" or Golobki. These are called "United" because they are fried like patties and not rolled in individual cabbage leaves. They are very good!!
P.S. Please ask me if you have questions about this recipe. Some mined garlic added would be a good addition. Pretty much a peasant meal. Adjust to your preference. If you can't get the buckwheat groats, use cooked rice. :)

Golabki bez zawijania( untied)
Quantity is up to you.
Golabki easy, niezwiazane
bez zawijania reverse, untied

Pork about 2 lbs
Cabbage 1 head of the nicest, shredded
buckwheat groats 2 C more if you want to stretch it
salt pepper to taste
seasoning, vegeta(if you can get it), sugar
Tomato paste 1 can tomato paste
eggs, 4
bread crumbs, as much or little to make the pigeons
sour cream 1/2 C or so
onion optional fried if using.
oil or bacon grease.

Cut cabbage into small pieces. Mix with pork, add seasoning to taste. Form into golabki type patties. Roll in bread crumbs
Fry in a mix of oil and onion. Put in pot and pour over tomato paste mixed with sour cream and liquid. Cook until done.