KAHUNA Back in the Boat!!!!


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Aug 27, 2003
HI!!! I have been very ill. On June 19th of last year I had a mild heart attack...but...had to have quadruple heart by-pass. I had a blocked artery in the front of my hear(90%) and while they were putting in a balloon in that artery they discover 3 more in the back of my heart blocked almost bad. So...they took a vein out of my leg and redid the balloon and the three others. They called it a "WIDOW MAKER".... {:O( I am doing okay now but also had stomach and bowel problems for over a year and a half and was finally(after many tests) was diagnost(a month ago) with severe IBS. Been on a new med and am finally feeling better. THANKS!! Hope all is well with you!!! Kahuna :D