Ian--How are you doing down there?


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Chuck ( oldsparkey ) here. Sunday 10/02/22 ( High Noon ) just now the Broadband and Phone came back on.

The central part ( Orlando area ) had between 2 to 3 feet of rain. My area all the lawns had standing water and other's were flooded. Lots of streets were shallow rivers and the real rivers came way up and flooded parts of some highways.
I had the septic tank pumped two days before the storm hit. So much for an empty septic tank , the drain field became a tank filling field. Fortunately I have a good porta potty for the wife and I to use and still using it today.

One good thing or a couple of them , no storm damage and we had power all the time and still have it.
Another good thing , the storm dragged some cool dry air down here and for the 1st time in my 78 years here in Florida we had cool weather after a storm. normally it's hot , humid and miserable after a hurricane. Not the time a low of 60 degrees with the high 70's during the day. Now it's moving to the middle 80's but still 60 this morning on the back porch.
A lot of the area is still flooded and folks are advised to stay home if they do not have to go anywhere. I understand the schools in this area will open tomorrow so I know that makes a lot of kids happy. Ha ,Ha ,Ha.

Have the fingers crossed the water table has gone down and the yard has dried out enough for us to take a real hot shower tonight. If that works then I will pack the porta potty away and use the real thrown.
As with any storm , it's always a slow process to get everything back to normal.

We had one mystery. My oldest daughter lives in Bradenton. She is inland away from the Gulf of Mexico and out of the storm surge areas , A to D. There are no coconut trees anywhere near her and all of them are over by the salt water. It's a couple of miles in distance. Anyway she has a small pond by her place and after the hurricane passed she was cleaning up (outside ) and noticed a GREEN Coconut floating in the pond. Green and a yellow tint as in not brown and dead or cast off the tree and on the ground type.