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    Field Test of the Stainless Cooking Kit.

    Chuck: Great post. I drive down Hat Bill road quite often. All the way to the end where the road hits the water. I look back to my right and can see the edge of the campground you described, the Seminole Ranch campground where the geezers have met and camped together a few times. That's...
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    New Knee

    Ouch: Sounds like you won't be running any marathons real soon, but thanks for the description of the surgical process. Think I'll just keep limping around a while before I get any joints replaced. Thanks for the report. Dapper Al.
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    A light Weight Camping Outfit.

    Chuck: Your description of the camping outfit aroused my interest for sure. Where did you buy it? Wondering if it might be available from one of the big box stores. Thanks. Dapper Al.
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas everyone, and have a GREAT 2016. Hope you all get to do your most favored thing, with lots of friends around you, just like the Geezers canoe trips. Please keep on writing on 'THE FORUM' "cause that's how we stick together. Dapper Al.
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    The solution..Guns

    Chuck: I think you have found the solution to the problem. Great information, and now the media has to circulate this information. Oh. Wait. They are the second level of the U. S, problem. How are we going to get the citizens to learn about the first problem? Oh whoa is me. Dapper Al.
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    Dirt Bike and get away machine.......

    Chuck: Nice looking bike and gear. Strap one of your fly rods on top of the panniers and look out fish. Here comes Chuck. Dapper Al.
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    Life goes by way to fast

    Chuck: Congratulations on the 50th. Mary and I celebrated our 67th on March 6th. 1948 seems like yesterday and yep--time sure moves fast when you're having fun. Dapper Al.
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    Seminole Ranch..March 3 to the 6th.

    Thanks for that report Chuck. Sorry I couldn't spend every day with you guys, but the dropping in of my son and grandson kinda changed my plans. It sure was good to see everyone and they all look so well preserved that it's got to be the canoeing and time spent out doors that is keeping them...
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    The Seminole Ranch, March 18th ,2014...TRIP

    Nice post Chuck. Very memorable camp. Hope we do this every year. Even the raccoons are getting friendlier. Dapper Al.
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    Technical Info About Plywood types

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the ideas but adding spacers doesn't help reduce the weight. I considered that technique but rejected it because it makes the inside gunnel wider than the outside gunnel and doesn't look right, It would be stronger than the "laddered" effect but with oak or ash I...
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    Technical Info About Plywood types

    Thanks for that information Seedtick. I'll go out in the workshop and count the rings. The boards Joe got for me have a beautiful grain and make very pretty paddles, but the way I build the inwhales causes me to be hesitant about using it. On the inwhales I make a mark every two inches , and...
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    Technical Info About Plywood types

    I am in the process of making another cedar strip canoe and want to reduce the weight as much as possible over previous strippers I have built. One of the new things I am trying is to use lighter woods where possible. I have always used ash or white or red oak for the gunnels and keel, when I...
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    Single Paddle ?

    I make and use only single paddles. If you followed Verlen Kruger's adventures you can see he used only a single bladed paddle, and that was all his life, in all the types of canoes and kayaks and hybrids he used. I've tried both and find , like Chuck, the single blade can get you in and out...
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    Leelanau Peninsula

    Jack: Nice to hear about your trip to the Leelanau peninsula. Mary and I were there on some of the same days as you and your lady. We attended a cancer fund raiser at the Black Star Ranch on Saturday, the 19th. All the ladies were dressed in their most elegant finery. Wow you should have...
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    Muzzle Brakes & Silencers

    Guys---Google silencers or suppressors, or go to most book dealers on line and you will find lots of information and small books available on "How to make silencers". Some books are for specific calibers. "How to build a silencer for a .22" is my favorite. Dapper Al. Don'twant to say too...
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    Congratulations on your 44th anniversary Jer. We celebrated our 64th on March 6th this year. God. Where has the time gone? My son Ron had surgery on his bicep so our fishing has stopped for a copuple of weeks. We both have lots of frozen walleye in the freezers so the fish I get to you may...
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    Jerry: Thanks for sending me your phone numbers. Thanks for filling us in on your wife's conditon but I am also concerned about your health. How you doing? The geezers met at Bud Hart's cabin , North of Grayling, and spent time on his big porch looking out over the river and the hundreds of...
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    NorthWind Finally.....

    Beautiful Darrell. You will get lots of compliments from most folks you meet on the water. I get 'em and it's a feelin that can't be beat. "Hey there, nice Kayak. You build it?" "Sure did" "Sure is pretty. You can be proud." "Thanks. I am." That's the way It'll go, I'm sure. Dapper Al.
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    NorthWind Finally.....

    Darrell: In regards to your describing the problems with the twist on certain strips and the stems. To overcome that problem I always use a heat gun. Apply the heat to the bend area. Hold the heat gun far enough away that the wood is not scorched, but close enough that the heat penetrates...
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    1770, Cadeppa, Dave and Hairy (pic intense)

    Mick: Thanks for the great report and pictures. Just got back from our seashore where I caught a nice catch of whiting. I fillet them and put them in a baggie, filled with water and freeze them for later use. They stay quite fresh that way. Never fished the ocean from a kayak, but some do...