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    Leelanau Peninsula

    Jack--- I've grown two varieties of pie cherries in Atlanta, Ga. Tasted great, but smaller than Michigan cherries. While camping on the UP, south of Pictured Rocks, we met a couple from Atlanta, Michigan. You mentioned Jackson, Michigan, on another flight. Back around 2000, I drove from...
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    Strip Canoe blown over wile still on the forms

    My eyeglasses are way overdue for an upgrade........ Does that read Stripper blown over wife still on the forms?? Do we have a family relations forum? :shock:
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    one epoxy brand from another

    My loyalty to West Epoxy is because of their innovation, their extensive technical support, and the consistent performance of their products. I can afford some extra cost to support people who "improve the breed." But if I were hard pressed for cash on a big project, I would cheerfully and...
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    New to the forum... and first question for the experts.

    Probably you'll be fine with what you bought. But it depends on whether you sit high or low, or kneel, and the width of your boat, and the style of the blades on your paddle. I started out with a 96 inch (244 cm) Clement double blade, back in the 70s. The blades are short, about 20" long...
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    Celebrate Twice

    Just turned 70, so I'm closing in on you. :mrgreen:
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    When the Shoreline or Bank is 20 yds wide.

    Well, Sparkey, you're right. By contrast, recently we tandemed the Coldwater in the Florida Panhandle at a rather low level, but I was smart enough not to use the whitewater tandem. Instead we used our 16' 8" Bluewater tandem, which turned out to be just perfect for snaking down sandbars...
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    one epoxy brand from another

    Here is a link to data and observations by a very generous builder of cedar strip kayaks. He has done comparison tests of cloths and resins used to surface-coat wooden craft. The link opens on a fabric page. (That was what first...
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    trying to build a lake canoe

    I gather that you will scull (row) rather than paddle the boat. Back in the latter 60s, I had a real single scull, a racing single. On the 6-7' wave issue, you must mean tug or barge waves on the Cumberland. I had some big waves from Chris Craft on the Charles, and I had no trouble with...
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    Brazos river trip

    Thanks for posting. Texas is one of 9 states in the lower 48 where I haven't paddled yet. I'm hoping to hit that section of the Brazos sometime on the way to my brother's place in Phoenix. In a wet year.
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    When the Shoreline or Bank is 20 yds wide.

    I got onto Bayou Sauvage at too low a level because I didn't know the gauge. I didn't have mud trouble getting on or off, because the landing area off US 90 is kept deeper by the stirring of users. But when I got out in the marsh, the bottom of my whitewater canoe dragged badly, and I couldn't...
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    Exploring Grand Bayou

    Just reviewed some studies, and the estimate of the effect of many pipeline cuts and accompanying canals is that they have contributed about 15% of the overall problem. There are newer ways of putting in pipelines that don't have nearly as much effect on the wetlands. But tidal action and...
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    Exploring Grand Bayou

    Obama knows he can't stop the pipeline. I know he can't stop the pipeline. The issue isn't the "midwest" but whether the pipeline should go through the Nebraska sandhills and the Ogalalla Aquifer. There would be no "local benefit" there, only greater or lesser damage. Louisiana has...
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    Double barrel .45

    There's a bill in the Georgia legislature to allow hunting using silencers. The sponsor said it would cut down on annoyance of people nearby and would (somehow) make hunters shoot more accurately. :? I suppose it would apply only to small caliber, lke .22. Anyone have any thoughts one way...
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    Real-Time Data for Florida_ Streamflow

    Yano, Jack, up there "favorite links" might refer to sausage. I grew up near Chicago, and as a kid, I don't recall ever seeing sausage patties. We're told not to remove wood from streams by the USFS and the trout fishing groups. But if the wood's an imminent danger, it will disappear. In...
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    Real-Time Data for Florida_ Streamflow

    Yeah, trees and rocks are obstacles one has to learn to predict from experience with similar rivers at similar flows. If there is a decent gradient (descent gradient, perhaps?), then floods may sweep trees out of the way, but at a lower gradient they may "stick" across the channel. The...
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    Real-Time Data for Florida_ Streamflow

    I use the USGS site almost every day. But since I started paddling more down around the Gulf Coast, I've had to learn some new truths about cfs and stream volume. Up on the piedmont, and in the mountains, the cfs figure will often tell me whether a stream is big enough and deep enough to...
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    Subcontinental (Indian) canoes

    Y'all might be interested in this new thread on SOTP, showing canoes made in India. :mrgreen: ... post384605
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    Cane Bayou (lots of pics)

    Just did Cane Bayou in January '12. My pictures aren't as nice as yours, because of cloudy conditions. I'll be back in Nawlins in March and will try to do Tickfaw, and maybe something along the Pearl.
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    Is Poplar any good?

    Kayakjack referred to poplar, or cottonwood. But I think some of us think of poplar as yellow poplar, or tulip poplar. The latter is often used in furniture, upholstered furniture framing, because it is hard to finish in a way that looks nice when exposed. Poplar was sometimes used for inside...
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    Variety on the Brazos

    I need to lead by example on posting maps in trip reports. That Brazos is a loooong river, and I can't visualise what part you're on. Darrell, thanks for the picture of the low shoal. Texas seems to have had the worst drought, but we haven't been much better off in Georgia. Big fires in...