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    G'day guys.

    G'day and thanks guys, having a few "technical" problems here atm. Soon as I work out how to share piccies on this dang tablet will do so. Chuck, the way things have been going her, i wish a roo had kidnapped me and taken me off to the outback. Evie and I are planning (hoping) to get an...
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    "Ex Wife "

    Dang ! I love this.
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    To Phoenix - and BEYOND!

    Kikki, Jack is our resident wordsmith. He love to write a thousand words to describe what he could do in half a dozen piccies.
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    Testing Again

    Chuck, Sasquatch is in the water here but the piccy gives an idea of the solar array
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    Testing Again

    Thanks Chuck and Jack. The trailer is a full off-road caravan built to near military specs and is capable of going anywhere the tug is capable of towing it. Not big by American standards, but at 19 ft internal, and 3.5 ton, she is big enough for us. These vans were designed for outback and...
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    Testing Again

    Dang! Hope it stays the this time. The piccy is of a camp spot beside the MacIntire River. We found it on our last trip.
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    Testing Again

    G'day guys, it's been a while I know. Just playing, trying to come to grips with this new format.
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    Where are the Boat Builders?

    I've been a bit busy these last 5 years or so. Life has got in the way of building too many more boats.. My Southwind, Sasquatch and Okwater do all that I need from paddlecraft for now. About a year ago, I bought a 23ft modified Dutch Scow of an old bloke who built her from a book. He and his...
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    The Paris Agreement on climate change

    Guys, been away for a while. Life keeps getting in the bloody way. The Paris BS is just the start. Our own government (aAustralia) has committed billions that it hasn't got to this scam and is continueing to do so. At least you have a President now with the spine to do the right thing Dang, I...
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    Definitely not "politically correct"

    This applies equally to moslems. The snivelling left are a pox on everything our fore-fathers struggled, fought and died for. But there is hope. There is a new Right emerging in every western country. Patriot groups are forming everywhere, even in the most laid back, apathetic country of all...
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    Hairies Bayou Skiff.

    Thanks BB. They really are a fine little boat. Light enough to cartop easily and slip along really well under oars and great fun with a small outboard motor.
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    Is Matt OK?

    Just heard the news about the flooding in NC. Has anybody heard from Matt?
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    At the risk of stating the obvious and of becoming as popular as a pork chop in a mosque in this, oh so PC world, does anyone seriously think the BLM mob or the Syrian ? "Refugees" or the gangsters or any of the criminal element are going to surrender their guns ? There is indeed a conspiracy...
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    Our Latest Outback Trip

    Thanks Jack. We had a little drama early this morning.. Evie's woke me about 0400 with her blood pressure through the roof, 212/105 and we had to drive 70 miles to the nearest hospital. Never fun to travel on outback roads at night. Bloody kangaroos always a threat and make it very dangerous...
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    Test image posting.

    Thanks Andy. Will have a look at it.
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    Our Latest Outback Trip

    Thanks Bob. This is a bloody drawn out process on a tablet. Next stop was Bakers Crossing, a camp on the banks of the Condamine River about 15 miles from Chinchilla. Our camsite Chinchilla is the at the northern edge of our Darling Downs, prime agricultural land that is being broad acre...
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    Our Latest Outback Trip

    We continued on through little towns like Goomerri, Murgon,Wandai and Tingoora which are all in the South Burnet valley, famous wine and crop farming areas. Beautiful countryside, and set up camp for the night at the Stuart River roadside rest area. There are thousands of free overnight camping...
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    Our Latest Outback Trip

    G'day guys. It's been a while coming. I am still coming to terms with using a tablet. Evie and I are about 6 weeks into our winter outback trip and are slowly making our way home now. We haven't had internet service for much of the trip but I will try to catch up with a blog and piccies over...
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    Test image posting.

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    Test image posting.

    One more try. D'oh!