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    Time to make shavings again.

    Work continues. the frames are on the hog/keelson….the gunwales are tied and fitted. I've begun adding stringers…..and i have a lot of pictures to show. but, until SP figures out a way that I can just post them without joining some other site, keeping all my photos in that site's archives and...
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    Time to make shavings again.

    I've been messing around with the plan set for the PBK 10, an 11-foot SOF and getting ready to build. I made a "sample frame" out of some leftover 1/2 treated ply that was standing in the corner. Then, lightened it up a little, as the original design called for 3/8 ply frames. I used a...
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    Time to make shavings again.

    I got home from a trip half way around the planet to find my plans had arrived. So, i have been busy tracing the frames, test sawing a frame from some scrap, test sawing and glueing scarf joints in some stringer material, and pricing up fabrics, etc. Still, nothing to sit in or show off...
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    Time to make shavings again.

    Hey Loafer, yes, i have been haunting his site, I am a Tandy Leather Re-seller, so i'll get my sinew there. He has several different fabrics and that's nice. I'll cross that bridge when i come to it i guess. I have purchased plans for a Percy Blandford PBK-10, which is eleven feet long, and...
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    Time to make shavings again.

    I'm looking for any current advice about fabrics....which one, what weight, suppliers, etc. Thanks! Piper
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    Time to make shavings again.

    It's been years since I built a boat. And about two years since I built anything really. But, i'm feeling the urge to build a skin on frame yak. At this point I want to build a PBK 57. But, as a first build of this style I may settle for a PBK 10. It will cost a bit less, and will be easier...
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    Plank Pirogue

    Hey, thanks for the welcome back. Man, it looks quiet here on Southern Paddler…..'bout time to crank things up a little. I'll go post something in KAYAKS. See you there.
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    Plank Pirogue

    Kayak Jack. You are still here and posting. Wow….aside from you and maybe three or four others, i think the population has turned over here since the last time I was in. I am planning a boat build, so i may hang out here for a while. Time will tell. More as it develops. Piper
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    Baked Meal Replacement Bars

    They look good Matt. By the way, i sort of like high fructose corn syrup. I especially like it after it sits in a big bucket for a week or so and then trickles through a long copper coil. That sort of changes the flavor but it's still OK. When i saw the title to this thread i sort of...
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Not a lot of color change here. When my buddy Keith and I go flying (yes......pilot and passenger both named Keith, saves a lot of confusion on the intercom) he likes to cruise at 1000 or (way) under along the shore of Lake Ponchartrain, looking for sunken logs, boats, etc. On a sunny day the...
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    A 3oz water filter..........

    jdupre, i am working on making a "screw on cap" connector so that the sawyer bag will connect to a water bottle or soda bottle. Then, the bottle can be cut off to form a scoop and filling the Sawyer bag will be simple. Pretty common to find those little caps are interchangable, and i think...
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    Mr. Wannabe, oh well, next time you get some time off and your parole officer is agreeable to it, the door is always open for you. piper
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    The horror!!

    OK, listen up: Have you seen the ads AGAINST anything with high-fructose corn syrup? to steer you away from corn products. Have you seen the increase in price of anything containing corn or corn flour or corn starch or corn syrup? Have you noticed that corn fed meats have been...
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    Well, holy crap! You had a week off and you didn't come and visit? Now my feelings are hurt. I'll probably get over it.......but it's gonna be a while. piper
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    The horror!!

    pork sausage I've been making home made pork sausage lately. Some i leave bulk and wrap it up in "logs" of about a pound and freeze it. Some i have been making into breakfast link sort of sausage. Both are good. And.....EASY......which is what i like. My trusty old Kitchen Aide Mixer...
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    New Air rifle

    I still like my Nitro Venom .22. I've got a thousand rounds through it, between me, my son and my son-in-law to be and jDupre'. No grinding noises. No metal shavings. No weirdness of any sort. The trigger is a long pull. I can live with it. Still happy with mine and i got a letter...
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    Creamy Ramen Noodles

    Or, reach up to the shelf in the grocery, or better yet, Sams Club and get a case of "Creamy Sauce Ramen Noodles". I got the chicken flavor. No messing about and still that same creamy sauce. And there's still ...fried spam, boiled spam, baked spam, spam strips, spam cubes, spam slices...
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    Steamy Taters

    Jack, why did you wait till Fall to post this? I could have been steaming taters on the dash of my car all summer and had dinner half done before i got home. piper
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    Free gift for a Uncle John builder

    Just awaiting the mailing addy for the fellow who got to me first. the early wood-butcher gets the piper
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    Seriously debating.....

    Personally, i think there may be something to the possibility that lots of camera crews feeding gators, Troy and his creativity-challenged crowd being in the area way toooooo much and lots of locals and townies going out to see and feed the gators has created this problem. Remember how the...