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    A little fly fishing

    I must have missed the invite to this shindig... :P
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    Mud motor on a bayou skiff?

    hillbillybushwaker, If you want to build a boat that can utilize a surface drive motor, might I suggest you look at the duck hunter boat at this website: I hope I'm not stepping on UJ or Jim's toes by listing a competitor but the duck hunter looks to be right up...
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    handmade or deja vu all over again

    This will be a fantastic event to watch unfold. One quick question though seedtick, as you are remaking the "pirogue maker" film, perhaps you can answer a question about the film. Toward the end of the build you see him drill a hole in the bottom of the pirogue and then glue in a wooden dowel...
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    Hairies Bayou Skiff.

    I'm confused as to how he got the Mrs. permission to build another boat... :shock:
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    CrkdLtr's Touring Pirogue TV

    LOL - I did finish the TV and just painted it a basic green color. But since I finished it and the cold weather came on I parked it out side in my back yard where one of my dogs started chewing on the cypress rails. So needless to say he was sent to the pound (not for that offense, we were...
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    CrkdLtr's Touring Pirogue TV

    Just thought I'd post an update. I've got the outside and inside rails glued and screwed. Used some 12' rough cut cypress that I cut down to 1" x 1/2". As it stands now the boat is ready for a paddle test. To be 100% finished I'll have to sand, prime and paint. I'm eager to put it in the...
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    The Bayou Skiff is 14' long, 32 1/2" bottom, 43" beam.

    Good call. I'd probably have to increase the thickness of the floor to 3/8" too in the event I wanted to use an outboard.
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    The Bayou Skiff is 14' long, 32 1/2" bottom, 43" beam.

    In as much as you are looking to use a smaller motor and lighter weight, then it should be nothing to just remove the motor during transport and attach before launch. Otherwise i would agree to bracing the transom like UJ's bateau plans.
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    The Bayou Skiff is 14' long, 32 1/2" bottom, 43" beam.

    You know Chuck, using the formula available from the USCG you could "technically" use up to a 20hp motor on this skiff. :shock:
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    Pirogue build in Delaware

    Was the epoxy completely dried before you put on the varnish? How about the weather? If it's been in the 60's and 50's maybe that has something to do with the varnish not drying sooner.
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    Pirogues? Jon boat? or something simular.

    Both of those look similar to Uncle Johns Cajun Skiff, may want to hold off until they are available.
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    Nother new build

    Yeah a slow hardner is going to give you plenty of time to make mistakes and correct them before everything dries. BTW... Lacquer Thinner is your best friend for clean up :shock:. Unless the instructions already tell you to do this, just do a dry fit on all the edges you're going to put the...
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    Nother new build

    Just wait until he starts working with the resin. His shop well mess up faster than u can blink.
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    The Bayou Skiff is 14' long, 32 1/2" bottom, 43" beam.

    Most definitely and welcome to the site. Don't forget to start your own UJ Pirogue progress thread and post lots of pictures. :mrgreen: this boat looks like a scaled down version of Keith's rowing skiff.
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    The Bayou Skiff is 14' long, 32 1/2" bottom, 43" beam.

    Just sent my interest to Uncle John about it. Looking forward to it's completion. This looks like a great boat to put my "graceful" wife in while I paddle.
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    CrkdLtr's Touring Pirogue TV

    Thanks for the positive influence on glassing the inside correctly. I worked on it last night. I laid the cloth down in 3 sections as oppose to one large piece and it went in great with little problem. I woke up this morning and trimmed the excess cloth off while the resin was still green...
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    CrkdLtr's Touring Pirogue TV

    Yeah, I'm just ready to be done with this boat but I guess at this point it makes no sense to take shortcuts and make a sub-standard boat. So close!!! lol
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    1948 CARTOON FILM... Much more relevant today than it was th

    Likewise. Has a strong Warner Bros feel to it. But the message definitely transcends the last 60 years and is true today.
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    CrkdLtr's Touring Pirogue TV

    Holy Heil... an update. :shock: :shock: :shock: I'm just debating now if I want to lay any cloth or tape on the inside. I wrapped the outside on all panels and then folded it over the tumblehome panels and cut it on the inside seam of the tumblehome. I also put a piece of 6 oz...
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    Pirogues Home Built Bow

    I'm curious where you picked up the oak from. Box store or local supplier?