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    Shouldered Flare

    Thanks for posting. It is interesting and thought provoking.
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    Bayou Dorcheat Pirogue #4

    Was number 3 widest about 15" behind center? Can you tell much difference? I'm slowing down some. Hope to visit Bossier in the next few months.
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    oldbuffpilot, hey) Get Free Money, Click the Link:

    oldbuffpilot, hey) Get Free Money, Click the Link:, hey) Get Free Money, Click the Link: I Received this via the forum Dec 16 I also noticed this users profile is not available, they seem to be online when I am online...
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    Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas and a Happier New Year.

    Christmas brings us the Hope that comes from Jesus. So it is Merry Christmas!
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    Grand Banks Dory

    Thanks for posting real interesing I solved rowing in the Creek's problem by setting on the back seat instead of the middle seat and pushing on the oars. Was easier to fish with my cane Pole!
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    Build design thoughts?

    I abondoned the Luann some time go , my last six boats have been built using the cedar strip, stitch and glue method.It doesn't take much more time than regular stitch and glue. simply lay up the panels out of cedar. The downside is I'm sure it rquires completete glass coating. The light weight...
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    What Works / What Don't

    Really a good idea, I see your blood spots on the work bench!!
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    Pirogue Component Relationships

    Pirogue Component Relationships, how they affect each other and boat handling characteristics.Length, width, depth, rocker, flare, stem angle and shape , bottom shape. Length Generally longer equals better tracking, faster, easier to paddle, more stable.If other components remain the same, any...
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    Build design thoughts?

    Both Chuck and JD have been good sources for me, they know what they write about. My thoughts....I recently raised the seat in one of my JEM crawdads to 12 inches and I think it can go higher. The crawdad is my favorite of many different boats I have built, it is a good comprise for stability...
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    Smelly Wood Looks like your not alone
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    I can't stand rock climbing...

    Some of us old timers are a little slow....but I got it!!
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    Fall kayak attire?

    I try not to get wet when launching Of course sometimes you can't help it. In the Winter I wear rubber knee boots sometimes called chore boots $15 at Walmart or Close to a 100 for the fancy kind. I opt for the cheap ones and put insoles in them. I'm curious what type of kayak do you paddle in...
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    Bayou Dorcheat Pirogue #3

    You're right about the light weight thing, my boats get heavier every year ! I'm kinda hung up on cedar and fiber glass for my use. However I may have found a local supplier fot your exterior luan. That may eliminate the need for fiberglass for inexpensive youth builds..
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    MM to Inches Chart

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    MM to Inches Chart

    I was trying to track down the manufacturer of Bee Keepers exterior Luan plywood and came across this chart. It doesn’t replace a calculator, but handy to have on the side of my tool box
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    The Cajun secret

    I generally use the low priced boat seat from Walmart it has a plastic frame shaped like a bass boat seat very light weight Often I put it on a Cedar pedestal to get the right height
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    Bayou Dorcheat Pirogue # 2

    Thanks I'll remember that ratchet wretched strap and block of wood trick probably probably gonna need it someday
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    Bayou Dorcheat Pirogue # 2

    Curious Bee, What glue did you use?
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    How Often/How Long?

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    If there's a difference in tracking and turning of these boats I can't tell it There is a big difference when it compares something like a Uncle John to the JEM 15 15 32