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    Glassing before construction?

    I believe there's a thread on here somewhere about pre-coating the pieces with just resin just to the article was not to do it that way it made them stiffer and harder to work with
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    Lightweight Backpacking for Paddling later on.........

    Sounds like a baker tent
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    Another homemade hammock-- take 2

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    Simple request for Jdupre'

    The alcohol must be applied internaly, Scotch is recomended.
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    Satilla River SE GA.

    Has/does anyone paddle the Satilla River, especially around the Woodbine area?
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    Emergency Fire Starter

    Potassium Permanganate and Glycerin will make a great fire. What people do not tell you is that for the chemical reaction to happen the ambient temperature needs to be around room temperature (70 degrees) or higher. What they also do not tell you is that you still need dry tinder and everything...
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    Design you own boat

    Chessapeak Light Craft has a good set of outrigger plans, a sample of study plans is about a buck or so.
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    Can less be more?

    Shame on you YOU forgot the Scotch!!
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    plywood choices

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    Kayak deck design

    It should have been water not wood, it was in referance to the statement by "bearridge" I reckon there mite be some wood that sinks. just an FYI, not a criticism.
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    Keith, wouldn't you get a reasonable approximation, if instead of computing all the geometric shapes you were to take ½ the draft you were looking at and use it for the LxWxD then multiply x2?
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    Kayak deck design

    Several woods are heaver than wood, I doubt they wood make good boats.
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    What Works / What Don't

    The goal that I have set is extremely critical, IT HAS TO FLOAT!
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    What Works / What Don't

    When I used to paddle (over twenty years ago, Tupperware), I used a West Greenland style also had an asymmetrical paddle, they don't splash if used with the proper technique.
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    Best type of wood for specific purposes?

    No just the first dimension that came to mind, basically something from the molding isle.
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    Best type of wood for specific purposes?

    I haven't started my build yet, a UJ pirogue, 16' ish 4 ribs estimated beam 32"-34" and should I add a 5th rib mid-ships. (Have had the kit for four years but I am getting closer, money and other STUPID BS distractions). I do have some questions though, looking at Lowe's for plywood, the...
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    Any suggestions on staying dry and warm?

    What is the meaning of :mrgreen:
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    Thank you!

    How many pvc clamps and dimensions for them I assume that it is schedule 40.
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    New Pirogue Plans Available

    Matt I read an article about Pirogues (linked to on a post on SP) it said that the wider part is forward rather than aft on a pirogue any thoughts?