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    Ian--How are you doing down there?

    Glad to hear all is under control. Stay safe.
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    Ian--How are you doing down there?

    Any word on how the Florida crew is doing?
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    Washington needs to watch this !

    The speaker at the meeting is exactly correct. As to Saul Alinsky, he is Hillary's and the "woke" crowds inspiration.
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    Curved Stem

    Very nice work.
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    Kayak Jack?

    Good to hear Jack is OK.
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    New pirogue .....hybrid build

    Good looking boat.
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    Going back to the 70's.

    Too much sex and violence on TV. They need to cut out the violence.
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    The Hidden Treasure of Kayak Jack??

    I resemble that remark..closely. Glad to see you are alert.
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    The Hidden Treasure of Kayak Jack??

    Some treasures are best hidden. :D
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    A Bayou Dorcheat Pirogue

    Your usual beautiful work Bee...
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    Dog Hunting

    A bagel is what I called our beagle/basset mix. Wife named her Fritz as in Snicklefritze. She was with us 13 years. Her one pup lived 19 and one half years. Still miss them both, even though we have had two dogs since. Beary was with us 16 years and Gus has been here seven. Still have the...
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    The Local and National News.

    How can we as a Nation survive the next 3 and one half years?
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    LA weather

    good to hear Keith is OK, even though there was some damage.
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    SS&G No Plans Again!

    Still beautiful work and looking.
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    Forbes Breaking News .

    Don't forget Pelosi and Schumer.
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    LA weather

    Any updates?
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    LA weather

    Anyone know how the Louisiana crew are doing?
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    Benefits of Florida , Meeting new people.

    One question, Jack. Were dinosaurs as big as they say? I only remember wooly mamouths.
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    Wondering who is still alive!

    Can't be! Katie is six or seven and full of wonder at seeing critters like the turtle in the woods. I remarried and my newly acquired nephew worked at the Alcona park at the time. We camped out there two times for a couple of weeks.
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    Wondering who is still alive!

    Who went on the trip? Was it Grayling to Glennie?