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    Ian--How are you doing down there?

    Any word on how the Florida crew is doing?
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    LA weather

    Anyone know how the Louisiana crew are doing?
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    Island Piper

    Anyone know how to contact him?
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    Plywood for rough use boat

    Anyone have any experience with Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) for a pirogue or similar craft built with the stitch and glue method? I have done several with luan and/or fir plywood, but none with SYP.
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    He's baaccck!

    Just getting back to annoying folks here. The wife passed April 16th, so I had time to try to get going with you guys again. Any big changes happened while I was out of the room?
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    I have been preoccupied for some time this year. The wife got a pacemaker January 26, a blood infection that required a month of IV's at home (by Dr. Bears Buddy), then suffered a stroke April 13th. She was recovering quite well after two crainiotomies and an internal ventricle to peritoneal...
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    Damaged wing.

    Just finished 8 weeks of therapy. (No, Jack, not that kind. Docs didn't want to waste time on a lost cause.) The shoulder I re-injured on the AuSable this Spring actually moves with much less pain now. Still hoping to make the Miji trip in the Fall. Gots to try my new kayak out on the big lake...
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    Pain in the neck

    Pain in the neck. Got one now. And the shoulders and numbness in the hands. All due to a nasty fall in '96. At first it was just the lower back and surgery fixed that some--big reduction in pain level. But this neck thing is inoperable unless I want to get C-3 to C-7 fused. No way! That would...
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    1952 Crossman .22 cal air rifle

    I spotted one at a flea market. It does not build up any pressure when pumped. Is this potentially salvageable for shooting? Any sugestions as to value?
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    AuSable 2007

    There should be a geezer migration North underway any time now. You Guys have a good trip.
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    So's this is where ya go for repair tips fer broken/worn out geezer parts? :shock:
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    .22 cal air rifle

    Is there one out there worth buying that costs less than $100? Target, Bunny, Squirrel shooting is the planned use.
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    Hillary's First Night As President

    Hillary's first night as President YEAR 2008 Hillary Clinton gets elected President and is spending her first night in the White House. She has waited so long..... The ghost of George Washington appears, and Hillary says, "How can I best serve my country?" Washington says...
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    The Dentist

    A man goes to the dentist with a terrible tooth ache. The dentist examines the tooth and reaches for some novacaine. The man sits up and says "No needles!" The dentist lays the needle down and turns on the gas. The man sits up and says "No gas!" The dentist gets up and walks out. He returns with...