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    From my home to yours, Happy New Year! God bless our country and our homes.
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    I hope that all of us have a deeply satisfying Thanksgiving. Take a few minutes to think about our freedom to choose. That is the root from which all freedoms stem. Eat well, interact well, value family and friends. Kayak Jack
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    Some, who hope to have you change at their suggestion, tell you that “there’s now o new normal.” NO THERE ISN’T! Normal - averages - are made up of a very few extremes, plus thousands of examples that aren’t extreme. What was normal last year, is still normal. All through 2020, I got my hair...
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    I hope you guys are having a happy Memorial Day weekend. While we’re celebrating, we have to remember to look up, and nod a thank you to the people who served and do serve in the armed forces, worked in the factories, plowed on the farms, gave us birth and fed us, taught us how to light a fire...
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    I have a couple of plastic flower pots, semi buried in a flower garden. One is about 10” in top diameter, the other is about 18”. The smaller one now has ssge planted in it. In a couple of weeks, I’ll plant sweet basil in the other one. Both of these can propagate and continue to be there...
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    In a muffin tin, put in a paper muffin cup in each muffin mold. Put in about a half cup of stuff from your paper shredder.lightly tamp it to almost level full. Coarse sawdust can be used or mixed in with paper. CAREFULLY melt paraffin. About 1 pound for six muffin cups. CAREFULLY pour HOT...
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    I just read about residents in Florida seeing a large “Skunk Ape”, being called Florida’s Big Foot. None of the reports cited that he was riding a fat tired bike. But . . . . Chuck, have you been out and about again? You promised, ya know. ;-)
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    SOLO An Interesting Twig Stove

    There are a lot of workable twig stoves out there. I have to wonder if mankind would have risen, say, 40,000 - 50,000 years quicker if he hadn’t had to gather stones to build a little fireplace before sticking a chunk of hairy mammoth, or some other tasty morsel on to cook? Anyway, at...
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    Aye golly, another year is about under our belts. Time to hang up a new calendar with different pictures. I made a new years resolution to stop procrastinating. And on about the first of April, or . . . maybe in May. . . I plan to begin to consider thinking of getting started! Maybe?
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR, JOUOUS HOLIDAYS May I wish all of you a safe and wonderful holiday season. Enjoy yourselves. Enjoy your families. Enjoy your friends - one and all.
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    Next week, we celebrate one of our national holidays. It is sort of related to another of our national holidays, the 4th of July. Both holidays celebrate freedom. Some of us sometimes forget what is truly being celebrated, and concentrate on eating, burping, and TV sportscasts. Let’s try...
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    For years, I’ve used pruning saws in camp. They are generally a folding saw that cuts on the pull-back. If you think about it, we’re cutting branches, usually in the 2”-4” range. Exactly what is being cut when pruning trees. I’ve been buying inexpensive saws at the local hardware. They’re...
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    Surviving Laura, Etc

    Mother Nature is an all encompassing concept. From beautiful sunsets, to high power winds. My hopes are with you folks who are cleaning up behind the storm. Again, as Professor Higgins said in “My Fair Lady” - Damn! Damn! DAMN!
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    Hurricane Season Replies

    Chuck, your post wasn’t allowing a reply, so I started this auxiliary threads. Maybe Robin can fix that? I wanred to reply to advise you to check the engine oil EVERY time that you refuel the engine.
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    Well, tomorrow’s Easter. The sun’s up now, so I went outside to hide my egg. Or, did I do that already, yesterday?
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    Whilst sheltering at home in the new, fashionable style, I spend a bit more time out on my deck. Reading, watching birds, smoking a cigar, and counting squirrels. When I first moved in here, there were five kinds of squirrels in the woods behind me. There were fox squirrels, gray squirrels...
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    3C, is there more to your story about making knives? Others on here do that too.
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    An Isolated St. Patty’s Day

    With our world being locked into a corona seclusion, St. Patty’s day will be a bit different.
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    From time to time, we think about, and maybe talk about, becoming "better". Self improvement, like a tough piece of steak, is better if taken in small bites, chewed on for a good while, and swallowed carefully. Let's pretend that one of us is deciding to make himself better. Not that any of...
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    I just received word from Shirley Wallace, David's wife. David has lost his battle with cancer, and passed away on 30 September. The bushman is in heaven. I raise a glass to him.