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    I Like This Boat Because....................

    This modified JEM Crawdad is probably my overall favorite. Maybe it’s just the most versatile. very stable, plenty of cockpit room, easy to haul because the square stern fits in the truck, and weighs about 30 lbs. The numerous angles may make the wood strip/fiberglass hull stronger.
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    I Like This Boat Because....................

    That picture says it all! Maybe we are also building some future boat builders.
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    Pictures Disappear

    Test for Picture Post
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    Pictures Disappear This is a recent example. Don't chase it too long, I'll try it now knowing I dont need to resize.
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    Pictures Disappear

    :)Thanks for the quick responses. I have been living in the past and assuming I had to resize, probably the cause of my problem. Robin you answered my question fine, Google didn't! maybe I didn't ask google the right question. Thanks for your help!
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    Pictures Disappear

    Pictures Disappear I need some tech knowledge about posting pictures. I use google photos for storage and organizing. When I need to post a picture, I move it from Gallery or photos to an app called Photo Resizer to resize the photo and post it to the forum from that app. This is workable BUT...
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    Bayou Dorcheat Pirogue # 2

    JD, thanks for posting It's real interesting to be able to adapt other people's techniques to our own boats. I had similar Tumble home problems with that ugly duckling boat. What is the approximate angle of the tumblehome to the sides in this boat? Thanks to you and Joey for helping me get out...
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    Don’t know what happened to the pictures of the failed (?) varnish, but disappearing pics are for another thread. So a year later the peeling varnish was sanded off, down to the epoxy. I used 80 grit and a random orbital for most of it. It took a lot of care to not go through the epoxy, and...
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    "Short Stuff" pirogue

    Thanks for posting,good stuff to know. More information to consider. What's your best guess of side height above the water line?
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    "Short Stuff" pirogue

    Thanks for posting the build, I learn something new every time. I’ve been hung up on building light and stable, your post reminded me how much I liked fishing out of Matt's TV 15 32. It’s going to be a while before I get to build again, we need to get some of wifes medical needs squared away...
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    "Short Stuff" pirogue

    i'm curious did the rocker decreasae when the form came out?
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    $.50 2X6 Paddle

    Thanks for the post, I think you're right, I'll give it a try down the road.
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    SS&G No Plans Again!

    Final chapter for this build. It's been a while since I called this build finished,hopefully last post for this boat. Evangel Christian Academy in Shreveport, Junior Class is having a fund raiser, so when the raffle is complete she willl have a new home! Here she is dressed up for the trip...
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    Boat Building "Rabbit Hole"

    Dang it JD I had some things that needed to be done this morning Now I know how people get addicted to their devices.
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    Child’s pirogue

    I agree with it might be better to build a simple plywood glue and screw boat first. The chine logs, ribs, outwhaie, etc could be built from your lumber. That would give both of you "boat experience" just my 2 cents. I'm sure you could manage a plank build. Simple might be a better first time...
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    Child’s pirogue

    If you search for "Building a Caddo Lake Bataeu, "there is pretty good information that covers building boats between before plywood. The link I posted to a book has a section on building.There is also an online video that is basically building pictures from the book. Also a source for plans..
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    Child’s pirogue

    Welcome, Here are some rambling thoughts…. I agree with Bee Keeper on the size for youth. Over the years I’ve built numerous pirogues with youngsters in youth groups and then with my own kids and Grandkids, You really can’t go wrong, from the kids viewpoint it’s always good. We stuck with Uncle...
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    Kayak Jack?

    Good idea, if appropriate we could let Jack know care.