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    heavy wood vs light wood

    Joey is a very creative thinker. I like to volley ideas back and forth with him. He makes statements, and ask questions that set me back. My guess is that he used to do that to his folks and teachers too? They may have graduated him from 12th grade at the age of, say, 9 or 10 - just to...
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    SOF help

    Good news!
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    SOF help

    I think thst you have a good point. Not only is the oiled leather both slippery and stretchy, the wooden frame is lashed together, and is also flexible. A friend who I paddled with years ago built his kayak. He said he could feel it flexing in waves. A craft like that should be able to avoid...
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    SOF help

    That’s true for craft in open waters. I’m talking about where water, land, and boat are all together in the same place and at the same time. It’s a different ballgame there. Coral reefs will act like a can opener. So will rocks and logs along a shore. As I said, I hope that I’m wrong. But...
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    boat weight

    Glass on the inside of a boat bottom serves at least two,purposes. As Chucky sez, it’s a scuff guard against cumulative damage from wear and tear. Additionally, it is an insurance step when the boat unexpectedly runs up onto something like a sharply pointed rock that presses inwardly and...
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    SOF help

    Observations and ruminations of an Olde Farte: Nice lines on the boat. It looks to be light weight and of a strong frame. My sailing experience is trifling, and I quit rowing as soon as an outboard became available. Paddling is OK by me. i had a case of uncured epoxy too. The whole inside...
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    Planning new pirogue

    More likely it’s just that you haven’t practiced enough at being clumsy? I’ve been honing that skill set a long time. Remember Lurch? I trained him. A couple of friends of mine have Bell Fire canoes. Those boats HAVE to have cargo in, or they flip. WAAYYYY to tender. They sometimes invite...
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    Planning new pirogue

    In my experience on rivers, inland lakes, and the Great Lakes - a semi rounded bottom gave me the most predictable stability. As they go into a roll, it gets more and more resistant to a full capsize because more and more boat is pushing back against the rolling moment. Flat bottoms presented...
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    Krusteaz (probably misspelled?) has had good stuff. Verlen Kruger said that you can paddle further on pancakes than any other food.
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    Hammock Holdall Camping organizer

    I think maybe, a politician’s promise doesn’t weigh very much?
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    Oatmeal pancakes , Yep Oatmeal.

    Well, Chuck, I’m not familiar with oatmeal pancakes but they sound interesting. Good camp fare, ehh? I couldn’t help noticing the two photos of you. While the first picture is a large improvement on your past portrayals, you need a haircut in the second shot.
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    The World has gone Crazy on prices.

    That’s alright, Chuck. ;-)
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    The World has gone Crazy on prices.

    Ya know, Mike, it just might be that he was celebrating a bit early with some scotch and - as he tried to guide the mower through - that gate stepped a half-pace to the left at just the last second?
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    The World has gone Crazy on prices.

    My, my! A shot glass of scotch is a gift. Gotta put on your big boy pants. ;-)
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    Tales from the Log of the Ruptured Duck

    Roger that! Moderation Modification in everything. And, thanks for the compliment - that I am like you.