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    Washington needs to watch this !

    H as anyone heard from the Aussies? I wonder how bad it is over there now. I miss Dave Wallace's updates on things. Most times he knew more about what was going on here than we did.
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    Washington needs to watch this !

    All through history, genocide of one form or another has always followed the disarming of the populace. It's true. Check it out. Our second amendment is to protect from a tyrantical government which we now have.
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    Washington needs to watch this !

    I'm in total agreement and good for him.
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    Bayou Dorcheat Pirogue # 2

    That really looks nice.
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    "Short Stuff" pirogue

    Looking good Joey. Talking about paint. How did the pirogue you built awhile back and saturated with multiple coats of thinner, danish oil and stain turn out? Dave.
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    One Hell of a Portable Blender.

    Hey Chuck, looks good.
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    Wood cost

    I don't think the commies want people to build homes. They want you to move to the cities where you're more easily controlled. China did this over 25 years ago. Only farm workers are in the country.
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    Wood cost

    Saw a video on the computer where huge staging yards across the border in Canada are full of lumber, off loaded from rail cars. Just sitting there and piling up. Some more political crap, no doubt.
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    The new world order is Biblically correct and God is allowing this to happen it's part of his plan to usher in the return of Jesus Christ as world ruler for His 1000 year reign. You can read about it in Gods word," the Bible". Now is the time to accept Jesus Christ as your savior and be born...
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    Poor Man's Fiberglass

    Hey Erler, check out Joey Dupre and his Danish oil-mix coatings for boats on this forum. And welcome, Dave.
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    Christmas Boat Parade

    Merry Christmas everybody! Dave.
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    Pirogue Truck Rack

    Mr. Bee, I think you're on to something. I like that idea. Dave.
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    Deeply disturbing.

    Pelosi has pretty much said that if Biden gets elected that they will find him incompetent and she can then remove him and put her puppet, Harris in as president.
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    Cheese Trivia

    I agree Jack, Cabot White Extra Sharp is the best.